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Charging Locations

You can find public charging stations on the PlugShare website or app. Use PlugShare’s filters (network and plug type) to zero in on the stations that work best for you. Even better, make an account and designate your vehicle to automatically filter for the stations you can use.

PlugShare’s helpful maps include colour-coded station icons to highlight which stations are public Level 2 or fast charging, and often include valuable crowd-sourced information such as whether a station is not working, or detailed directions for on-site navigation in large parkades or parking lots.

PlugShare Map

This map is embedded from PlugShare. It is not operated by New Car Dealers CleanBC Go Electric. If you would like to add charging stations or make updates to charging stations, please go to and create an account.

You can see details about a charging station’s power level by clicking on it in PlugShare. Fast charging stations range from 25 kW to 250+ kW. Most are currently 50 kW. A higher powered station can charge batteries faster, but only if the vehicle is designed to use it. You can still use a vehicle with a lower charging rate at a higher powered station; you just won’t get an extra benefit from it.

A Tesla vehicle can only use public fast charging stations with a CHAdeMO adapter, sold separately from the vehicle.

Tesla Superchargers
If you don’t drive a Tesla, you’ll want to use PlugShare’s filters to disable “Tesla” and “Supercharger” plugs. Tesla’s own network of Superchargers are the counterpart to public fast charging stations. Only Tesla vehicles can use these charging stations.