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Leased Vehicles

Leased vehicles are eligible for a rebate depending on the term of the lease and whether the vehicle is used for personal or fleet purposes as shown in the table below. To qualify for the full value of the rebate, a minimum 36-month lease term is required. If the applicant breaks the lease within the first 12 months from the lease start date, the applicant will be required to return the full rebate amount. For vehicles leased for shorter terms, the rebate will be applied according to the following schedule:

Term of Lease
Applicable Rebate
for Personal (Individual)
Applicable Rebate for Fleet

NOTE 1: Non-individual applicants are not eligible for 12-month or 24-month lease rebates.

NOTE 2: Lease terms that fall between the above-mentioned range will be rounded down to the closest standard term (e.g., a 35-month lease will be considered as a 24-month lease for the purposes of rebate amount determination).