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Reimbursement Procedures

The point-of-purchase CleanBC Go Electric Passenger Vehicle Rebates is available for vehicles sold or leased until program funding is depleted, on a first-come, first-served basis. Dates for additional rebates will be posted as new eligible vehicle models are approved by the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation.

Program management will require close collaboration between the NCDA and the dealers that sell or lease eligible vehicles once 90% of overall program funding has been expended so as to not exceed the maximum program funding available. The BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation will not provide additional funding to the NCDA or individual dealers to cover any point of purchase rebates exceeding overall program funding agreement.

Required documentation to be submitted as part of the Dealer application for reimbursement to the NCDA for rebates issued will include, at a minimum, the following:

  • Dealer Application Checklist (DAC).
  • Letter of Received Rebate (LORR)
  • Proof that each sale/lease of an eligible ZEV was made to a BC resident, or BC business/organization or public agency which is registered to operate in BC with a valid BC Incorporation/Registration Number.
  • For individuals: Applicant’s valid BC driver’s licence number is included on the application form AND; a copy of the applicant’s current BC driver’s licence is attached with the supporting documents OR the applicant’s current BC driver’s licence is included on the binding contract. More information on individuals’ eligibility process can be found here.
  • For business: Applicant’s valid BC Incorporation number (usually formatted “BC0000000” [“BC” followed by 7 digits]) is provided on the application form and/or a copy of the BC Registry Services BC Company Summary is attached with the supporting documents.
  • A copy of the sales or lease contract signed by all parties with an itemization of credits, discounts, and rebates received, if applicable.  Please see correct and incorrect examples of the CleanBC Go Electric rebate labeling.
  • If the vehicle price on the sales contract (for sales) or lease contract (for leases) is higher than $55,000 for Cars, or $70,000 for Larger Vehicles, include the OEM’s invoice / MSRP window sticker to confirm that the vehicle’s trim MSRP is $55,000 or lower for Cars and $70,000 or lower for Larger Vehicles.

Step By Step Reimbursement Procedure

Please check the New System – Dealer’s Instructions and additional clarifications regarding the new rules that are available here.