As a result of the previous Clean Energy Vehicle Program (2011-2014), there are 550 public level 2 charging stations across British Columbia, 142 level 2 charging stations in multi-unit buildings, 306 residential level 2 charging stations, 13 DC fast charging stations (with 17 more planned by March 31, 2016). In addition, there is an existing array of resources, available on the website, for planning and installing charging stations.

The CleanBC Go Electric Charging Program ( will seek to fill in regional and use-case gaps in electric vehicle charging infrastructure to further reduce one of the key barriers to market adoption of electric vehicles which is range anxiety. In some cases the installation of charging infrastructure requires targeted education programs with building owners, operators and / or tenants. The CleanBC Go Electric Charging Program will include these types of targeted, case- specific, education projects. The CleanBC Go Electric Charging Program is required to help achieve the overall CleanBC Go Electric Program vision that by 2020 5% of new light duty vehicle purchases in British Columbia are clean energy vehicles

The purpose of CleanBC Go Elextric Charging Program is to continue to encourage zero-emission vehicle deployment and technology innovation in the province, by:

  • Supporting up to 30 additional DC Fast Charging station locations, and refitting up to 6 of the existing DC Fast Charging stations to be compatible with vehicles requiring the SAE standard for charging,
  • Supporting up to 300 more Level 2 charging stations in sectors or geographic locations where there is a gap in charging infrastructure
  • Supporting increased awareness and understanding of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in stations or geographic locations where there is a gap in vehicle adoption or charging infrastructure (e.g. multi-unit residential buildings, workplace charging)
  • Leveraging industry, including automaker, investment in charging infrastructure across British Columbia.

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